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Back in the early 1970's, Zog began sporadically publishing an offbeat newspaper filled with humorous, fictional news articles and stories. Known as The Zog Newsletter, the tabloid was a mixture of political satire, zany social commentary, parody, and just plain ridiculous stuff. This was back before the era of Political Correctness, and any topic was fair game. Whether it was an ad for "The Silent Majority Toilet", thrilling suspense stories, such as "Surf-Crazed Virgins of Deathtrap Reef", and "I Was A Teenage Communist Nymphomaniac," or medical (mis)advice from Nurse Nancy, the Newsletter had something to amuse and offend just about everyone.

Written entirely by Zog and his friends, the Newsletter was (as its banner proclaimed) "Distributed Free For the Benefit of Mankind". The first few issues reached only a local readership, but later, when Zog started making sales runs to sell Sex Wax, the Newsletter made its way into surf shops up and down the California coast.

Sadly, the era of the Newsletter came to an end as the business of making Sex Wax consumed more and more of Zog's time. Now, however, thanks to the wonders of modern computer technology, some of the old Newsletter articles are available once again to shock and entertain an unsuspecting public. Plans are also underway to resurrect the Newsletter on this web site and begin a whole new generation of craziness. As Zog once said: "There's no sense like nonsense."

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