A Mouthful Against Communism

A Mouthful Against Communism

Dr. Zog SpeaksGOLETA (ZNS)

Zog, DDS, noted authority on caries, and author of the book, "Pyorrhea, A Small Nation's Gallant Fight Against Communism", said today that, "Flouridated water presents the most serious threat to the teeth and gums of our school children since uncovering and exposure of oral hygiene."

Riding high on a crest of public enthusiasm over his book "The Wisdom Tooth, Key to the Lost Languages", Zog warned us to guard all the gates to the hearts and gums of our children. "All that glitters is not gold," the emminent dentist warned, "We should brush away the surface glitter in an up and down motion in order to better see the gleam of true value."

At the conclusion of his talk, the assemblage shouted, "Powder to the people!" and Dr. Lyons, of Colgate University awarded Zog a handsome Plaque.

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