Long Hair

The Long Hair Dilemma

Well, election time is over and in California it's interesting to note that the Marijuana Initiative was defeated and the Death Penalty reinstated. The outcome of these two propositions pleases Governor Raygun, I'm sure, who will probably now press for execution of anyone arrested for possession. Actually there was no way the Marijuana Initiative could have passed, since most of the people who wanted to vote yes were probably too stoned to work those complicated dot marking devices. Yeah, the election was a bummer for the Long Hairs. But they should be used to that by now.

Another negative aspect of young life within the system is the prejudice which prohibits them from crossing certain borders and entering certain establishments. Mexico and Disneyland are two cases in point. Long Hairs turned back at T.J. know in their hearts that Mexico is Mickey Mouse. And Flower Children kicked out of Disneyland can curse Uncle Walt (rest his Celluloid) as a Wet Back. But nothing will change. School boards across the country will still remain united in their efforts to keep the nation's Barbers off the welfare rolls. And you're still going to have to get a haircut if you want to be an astronaut.

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