Where is It Made?

Old HouseThe original Sex Wax "factory" was actually a rickety 20' X 20" garage that Zog's friend, Ken Opiat, sublet to Zog for $20 a month. Located on the outskirts of Goleta, California, the "factory" was subject to frequent frog, ant, and rodent infestations. Yet another highlight was the adjacent open fields filled with every known variety of pollen-bearing weed, causing Zog to experience extended bouts of hay fever madness.

The very first wax molds used in the "factory" were actually old soup cans. After a few weeks, Zog upscaled the operation and began using tuna fish cans. Zog and Nate Skinner designed and built all the original manufacturing equipment themselves, including the construction of tall wooden "cooling" racks, and an ingenious wooden "wrapping" table. A 50 gallon drum served as the heating pot, and an old boat propeller was used to stir the wax.

In 1975, with sales continuing to increase, Zog moved the factory to a single "unit" in small warehouse-style complex located in the heart of Goleta. Though the new factory was considerably bigger than the old one, wax production quickly took up all the available floor space. Strapped for room, Zog began hauling each day's bounty of unwrapped wax from the factory to his home, where the bars were wrapped and boxed for shipping. Meanwhile, the ever-growing demand for Sex Wax T-shirts continued, and much of the inside of Zog's house was stacked floor-to ceiling with giant boxes crammed full of T-shirts. (His wife really loved this!)

Over the next few years, the factory's square footage quadrupled in size, as Zog kept renting additional "units" to keep up with increased production. Finally, in 1983, Sex Wax Inc. relocated to its present location in Carpinteria, California, just a stone's throw from Rincon, one of the world's premier surfing spots.

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