Billy, have you ever entered a wax factory before? Would you like to experience a "full torso body waxing"?

Who knows what manner of squalor and debauchery lie within these hallowed walls?

Unit 6389A has long been a universe unto itself, much to the chagrin of "anti-wax elitists" the world over.

Mr. Zog and his employees work vigilantly to maintain and uphold the age-old traditions of modularization and encapsulation

Penny discusses the intricacies of metallurgy and book binding.

Can you hear Susan's evil laugh? She sure looks happy.

She's devised yet another cruel & twisted form of psychological abuse for her favorite target, Racroll Designer, Rob Coleman, aka "Tinker Bell".

That looks like Dave, the omniscient, omnipresent powerhouse we all know and love.

Watch yourself. Dave doesn't take kindly to strangers.

He can crush a golf ball between his thumb and forefinger.

Before you lies the highly-specialized managerial compartment (office) of Mr. Silly-Ass (Zog).

Is Zog in there?

Guess not. He left his butter out, and his loin cloth is hanging on the chair.

Zog uses special devices called "computers" to control and facilitate the growth of his empire.

The miniscule aerodynamic flaps on the monitor help the computer think faster and keep Zog from harming himself.

The warehouse is out there!