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Sexwax Suncreen
Sexwax Suncreen
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Sexwax Suncreen

You get exceptional Broad Spectrum "IN-SURF" protection from both UVA and UVB rays with all 3 of our Sunscreen products. Sexwax Z-Cote No-Touch Stick (SPF-50+) is Water Resistant (80 minutes) and goes on dry. Sexwax tranparent Zinc Oxide Cream (SPF-30) contains Aloe and Vitamin E for moisturizing and lubricating the skin. Sexwax twist-up Lip Balm sunblock (SPF 30) will afford exceptional skin protection both in and out of the water and contains both menthol and phenol.

SPF Rating/Size 

Description Zinc Oxide No-Touch Stick: SPF-50+

0.49 ounce Stick 
In Stock 


Description Sexwax Zinc Oxide Cream: SPF-30

0.5 ounce Tin 
In Stock 


Description Sexwax LIp Balm SPF-23

0.15 ounce 
In Stock