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  • Hey Zog! - Just got back from massive Fiji, used the Quick Humps 5X Red label with a little Orange label on top for extra sticky.  Sex Wax is in my board bag on every trip whether its 2 feet or 60 feet and in every weather condition from 30-90 degrees. There is nothing I trust more under my feet when the waves are solid.  View all of our surf wax here.

  • Conner Coffin

    Sexwax makes the best bumps and is sticky anywhere I go.  Chicks like the smell of Sexwax and it helps you surf better.  It kills two birds with one stone.

  • Sally Fitzgibbons

    It is so important to get your wax right in all conditions.  Sexwax keeps me stuck to my board no matter what the temperature and the new Dream Cream Top Coat gives you extra traction.  My feet feel at home no matter what country I’m in, when I use Sexwax!  Follow my journey on Twitter@Sally_Fitz

  • Parker Coffin

    Hi my name is Parker Coffin and I travel the world surfing. You can follow my brother and my travels at www.youngwisetails.com I never leave my house without a bar of Sexwax! No other wax does the job. From cool water to warm water it’s the best in all conditions. Plus, it smells nice too

  • Kanoa Igarashi

    Sexwax is the best wax out there, it's the perfect mixture of stiffness and stickiness. I use Sexwax because I can trust it and a lot of the world's best use it.

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